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Local Body ByLaws Affecting Hosted Accommodation
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Property Assessment
Properties are not listed on our marketing website unless they have satisfied the criteria in our Assessment Schedule. To assist new members with the assessment process and to ensure they gain maximum benefit from their membership of the Association we have our Quality Assurance Programme which steps all members through our assessment process. The criteria in our Assessment Schedule include a number of categories such as quality, compliance, safety and protection and best practice guidelines. Once you join the Association you will receive further information about this process.
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Listing on the Association’s marketing website ( does not take place until completion of a property assessment to ensure the Association’s Assessment Criteria is confirmed.
Once assessed Association policy requires ongoing three-yearly assessments.
As detailed in our Constitution, all members have the right to:
- attend General and Special General meetings of the Association and to speak on any matter pertaining to the affairs of the Association;
- attend educational, promotional and social functions held by the Association, whether sponsored at the national, regional or local level.
- receive official newsletters, notices and other information produced by or for the Association;
- access the Association website
Please keep a copy of this form and if you have any queries please contact our Association Secretary, Fiona Rollings, at
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