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A Load Central Retailer is the one who sells prepaid load products such as cellphone prepaid, call cards, gaming cards, internet cards, and other prepaid load. Retailing can be done using your own cellphone and sim, android app, or though the use of the LoadCentral webtool. You may activate any SIM (prepaid, post paid, regular, retailer) without any maintaining wallet balance.

The Load Central SubDealer's Role is to sign-up Load Central Retailer and supplies them with LoadCentral Wallet. He has an override on all the sales of the Retailers. For every sale your registered retailers make, you as the subdealer will receive an overriding commission known as the Gross Retailer Override (GRO). This amount is added onto your existing LoadCentral Wallet in real time. Meaning no matter what time of the day it is, no matter what product is dispensed, as long as it's your own LoadCentral retailer dispensing, you as their subdealer will receive a corresponding commission. The more retailers you signup the bigger your earnings will be.
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LoadCentral is highly recommended for internet shop owners, online store owners, and other persons with internet access. Use this at your own risk if you plan to sell prepaid load for business using your cellphone only (no internet connection) since there sometimes occasions of delays for text-based transactions. For fast transactions, it is recommended that you use the webtool or the official android app that is connected to the internet (mobile data/wifi). LoadCentral is the Philippines' number 1 and undisputed universal loading platform.
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