Millbrook Digital Media Career Academy Application
Welcome to the online application for the Digital Media Career Academy at Millbrook High School for the graduating class of 2021. Applications from students to attend the Digital Media Career Academy will only be processed if the student is assigned to Millbrook High School. The application should be completed by the student, but parent/guardian should review it and will be asked for an electronic signature before it is submitted.

This application includes two short response questions. If may be easier to compose your responses to these questions in a word processor program first and then copy and paste your responses into the application form.

The Student
This section pertains to the student.
Last Name
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First Name
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Student Email Address
A wcpss email is preferred, but if you do not know this information a personal email is acceptable for application purposes.
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Mailing Address
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Zip Code
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Current Middle School
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Parent / Guardian
This section pertains to the parent / guardian of the applicant.
Parent(s) Name (First and Last)
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Main Parent Email
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Secondary Parent Email
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Parent Phone Number
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Constructed Respose
The following two questions must be completed by the student.
Please provide a brief paragraph about yourself and your career goals.
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Why do you want to be a member of the Millbrook DMCA and what would you bring to the program that is unique to you?
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Two teacher recommendations are required as part of the application process. Please make sure you ask permission FIRST before listing contact information below. One teacher must be a current math, english, science, or social studies teacherĶ¾ the other may be any current or former middle school teacher, counselor or administrator. An online recommendation form will be emailed to the teachers that you provide. Please make sure the email address is typed accurately.
First Teacher Name (First and Last)
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First Teacher Email Address
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Second Teacher Name (First and Last)
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Second Teacher Email Address
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Certification and Signature
I understand that if I am accepted into the Digital Media Career Academy at Millbrook High School, I will be committed to participate in an internship during my senior year. My acceptance further commits me to participate through my senior year of high school, and I am willing to abide by the policies established by the Academy Advisory Board.

As a member or candidate for the Digital Media Career Academy program at Millbrook High School, I acknowledge and understand that:
1. I am making a commitment to the full three or four (3-4) years of the program that includes the courses outlined in the Program Guide found on the DMCA Website
2. I must maintain academic excellence while enrolled in the Academy. This includes maintaining a cumulative GPA (weighted) of a 2.5 by the end of the sophomore year and through to graduation. Dismissal from the program may result if my GPA falls below this standard. (One semester period of academic probation is allowed before removed from the Academy.)
3. I have supplied my WCPSS email address on the application.
4. I agree that regular updates and/or announcements may be sent home via email to both the Academy member and/or parent/guardian. It is necessary for me to have a valid email address on file.
5. I must report to Academy activities and job shadowing opportunities dressed appropriately in business attire and/or approved dress.
6. Automatic dismissal from the program will result from continuing disciplinary problems with any teacher or administrator (including teachers and administrators not affiliated with the Academy) after a suspension from school.
7. Participation and/or support of scheduled academy meetings/activities is expected of all members. My participation will be documented in the work-based learning portfolio that will be maintained throughout my Academy experience.
8. If I have any questions or problems with regard to any aspect of the Academy program, I can contact the Academy Coordinator, Mr. Robert Dail, at 919-850-8787 ext 21423 or I understand that by being accepted into this program, I am committing myself to the above standards and expectations. I am also committing myself to be an Academy participant during my entire high school career. It is also understood that it is the goal of the Academy Coordinator to help me complete this program successfully in cooperation with the DMCA Advisory Board.

Applicant Signature
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Parent / Guardian Signature
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