Takis Athanassiou Launch Group
Please complete the form below for a chance to participate in Takis Athanassiou Launching Team (TALG). This is a dedicated group of people support me and help me to launch successfully the products I am developing (like books, courses, etc.)

As a member of this group, you would have the chance to have a look at how an info-product is developed and exclusive access to pre-release material and the bonuses may accompany the launch phase. You would also have the opportunity to join in the Facebook groups may be created ad-hoc for the launching purposes pg the specific product, to interact with me during the process and more.

My only request from team members are:
- Read or review the material provided
- Provide feedback
- Engage with us via social networks to provide the best result
- Leave a review to publication sites (Amazon, Thinkific, Gumroad, etc.)
- Share information about the launch on your social media connections (we'll equip you with things and promotional material to share)

It’s a challenge and a great opportunity to learn more about how develop digital products and come together with others.
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