Finding Science in Folktales
Join the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire for a trip around the world and investigate animal science through popular folktales and legends. Participants will travel from East Africa to Brazil and beyond as they hear how the King of the birds was chosen, why Bear has a stumpy tail, and more. Each folktale will have a corresponding animal science focused experiment or activity. Videos will be available until August 31, 2021.

Fill out the information below and the links for the videos and activities will be emailed to you. Please don't share these links with others as many libraries bought this program, and it wouldn't be fair for the information to be shared "far and wide" by other organizations at no cost. Please ask anyone who is interested to sign-up at the Liberty Library website:

The Activity Kits at the library are gone. However, most activities require simple supplies that you can obtain on your own. Ask me before you buy things as I have quite a stash from doing Story Time.

The stories featured in these videos were adapted from the book _A World Full of Animal Stories: 50 Folktales and Legends_ written by Angela McAllister and illustrated by Aitch. It's a beautiful book and you can borrow it from the Liberty Library.

I hope you enjoy! Please fill out the Feedback Form for the Children's Museum of New Hampshire after you watch the videos. The link will also be included in the document you will be emailed.

Happy summer!
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