Pre-registration for chantier participatif
To be able to coordinate all our dear volunteers, we kindly ask you to answer some questions.
All information will of course be treated confidentially and only used for the organisation of the Äerdschëff construction.

Please complete this pre-registation form, and we will contact you per email to give you additional info. As soon as we have received your payment, your enrollment is complete.

We advise you to read the Pocket Guide before filling out this questionnaire.

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Äerdschëff Luxembourg
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Volunteering for the "Äerdschëff"
What period would you like to join the the construction-team for? (We strongly recommend you to stay for one of the periods suggested below. If really none on them is possible for you, please contact us!) There will be a workshop with Earthship experts from 05 - 24 August. --- More explanations in the Pocket-guide --- *
Apart from strong tyre-wall-pounders we also need many other talents and skills on and around the construction. (E.g. chefs, van/truck drivers (maybe even with a vehicle of their own!), group-builders,...) What super-powers do you have? Have you already gained experience in a similar project?
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What type of work would you like to assist with? What are you hoping to learn from it?
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In order to enable the volunteers to communicate and organise themselves beforehand, can we share your e-mail address with the other volunteers? *
Concerning accommodation: For JULY and AUGUST, the boarding school right next to the building site is letting us use their rooms (40€/week). Therefore camping on site in this period will only be possible if all rooms are booked out. For SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER, we will rent a shelter with a dorm room and a big garden for tents (80€/week). Cooking and washing facilities will be available at both shelters. (Details in the Pocket-guide) Would you be interested in staying in one the accommodations? *
For international volunteers: How do you plan to get to Luxembourg?
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