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*Information provided through this document will be exclusively kept within Cooperation Denton and used for organizing purposes only. Provide only information you are willing to share in that capacity.*

Cooperation Denton is organizing an alternative societal infrastructure of neighborly interdependence, resilience, and street-level direct democracy that can make the state and the for-profit economy more and more obsolete in our lives.


As Cooperation Denton we envision a world where humankind is globally organized in non-hierarchical communities of directly democratic assemblies and confederations in symbiotic relationships with each other and with the natural world.


Our mission is to serve the emergence of directly democratic neighborhood assemblies in Denton that confederate with each other, and with directly democratic assemblies and confederations in the region and around the world.


-Support the organizing of "neighborhood pods" - hyperlocal coordinations of neighbors aimed at shared resiliency - and encourage pods to take decisions together on the issues that affect them through assemblies.

-Support the confederation of these pods to establish directly democratic power in Denton.

-Cultivate a cooperative spirit and culture of neighborly interdependence on each block

-Help our communities move from dependency on markets and the state by growing the solidarity economy

-Support the establishment of similar communities of practice in other municipalities of the Dallas Fort-Worth area.

-Confederate with other directly democratic municipal assemblies to establish dual power regionally and around the world.

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