Baseball Quiz 2
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Right-handed B1 lifts his left foot as the pitch is delivered and steps into an outside pitch. B1’s left foot comes down with the toe on the plate and his heel on the chalk of the batter’s box before the pitch is fouled. *
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B1 lines a pitch right back at the pitcher’s feet. F1 eludes the ball, but it hits the front edge of the rubber and rebounds across the foul line in front of first base. *
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With R1 on first, F1 is in the set position. F3 holds the runner by standing with one foot in foul territory.The first-base coach notices and complains. As base umpire, you would: *
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B1 homers over the left-field fence, but doesn’t touch second. As B1 touches third, the third-base coach sends him back to touch the missed base. B1 complies and continues around the bases, touching third and home. *
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