Salem's Community Cats Foster Application
PO Box 402, Salem, NY 12865
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I understand that this is an application to volunteer with Salem’s Community Cats. I certify that I have provided and will provide information for a volunteer position and in interviews with Salem’s Community Cats that is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. *
Waiver: I recognize and understand the inherent risks associated with the care of cats, including but not limited to the possibility of injury to me or my property because of the unpredictable nature and/or provocation of cats. I understand that rescue cats may carry transmissible diseases which may be spread to my personal pets. I agree to take proper precautions to minimize these risks. I will not hold Salem’s Community Cats responsible for any illness to me or my personal pet or any other animal under my care because of cross contamination from a SCC kitty. I further understand that SCC carries no personal and/or liability insurance and that I should obtain such from a personal source should I require it. I understand I will not receive pay, benefits or other privileges of employment of any kind for my volunteer services. I further understand that I am not eligible for worker’s compensation benefits if I am injured or become ill because of my volunteer work, and I am not eligible for unemployment compensation benefits if or when my volunteer assignment ends. I also certify that I have not been promised and have no expectation that I will receive a paid position because of my volunteer work. In consideration of the mutual promises of the parties contained in this Waiver, or of the acts to be performed by either, the parties agree that I hereby knowingly and voluntarily waive any claims, damages or causes of action which I may have or incur against SCC, its officers, directors, agents and affiliates because of my donation of time and effort. *
By signing below you certify that the information provided is true. You further authorize an investigation of all statements on this application. *
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