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After submitting your commission request I will send you a follow up email to the contact address u specify below. This is meant to confirm your order, additonal pricing and determine when to send you the PayPal Invoice.

🌸TOS:: dreachie.weebly.com/terms-of-service

❤︎Information: dreachie.weebly.com/information
🌸 Slots: dreachie.weebly.com/slots.html
❤︎ Progress: trello.com/b/flhOLYvh/

Please note that filling this form out does NOT guarantee you a commission slot.

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To email you back if I have accepted or declined the commission request and discuss further details, prices and send first sketch.
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If your commission is accepted, an invoice will be sent after the Artist has confirmed pricing with the Client.
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Keep in mind prices shown here are only the BASE PRICE and could increase depending on the complexity of the commission, additional characters, props, etc.
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Prices shown here are the starting / base price that might increase depending on complexity of the commission.
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Prices depend on commission type, further information here: https://dreachie.weebly.com/prices
Background *
All simple BGs are free of charge. || Full - Detailed backgrounds are an additional price and will increase depending on complexity.
Please include Links to the VISUAL references of the character you want me to draw.
Designing a character from '0' based on moodboards / descriptions will be an additional cost.
Character (s) References: *
Please provide at least 4 of your best references as possible.
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Additional Info: *
A short description of your character's personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.
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Additional Details: *
••A brief description of the specifics of your commission•• If you have a pose in mind, objetcs or accessories you'd like to include? what would you like me to add to the background? what type of mood / atmosphere? etc.
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If the deadline is within a week or less prior to the day the request was accepted, you maybe A) be charged extra for rush fee or B) I may cancel the commission if i don't think i can finish in time.
Is there a Deadline? *
Depending on complexity, commissions normally take from 1 month - 2 months depending on my schedule
If yes, when is the deadline?
Terms Of Service Agreement
You are agreeing to my Terms Of Service, when commission request is accepted you will agree once again through PayPal Invoices.
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Please state the following: " I, (your name/username), have read, understood, and accepted the artist’s terms of service. "
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