"Natural-Realistic Microblading"
Pre-Procedure Instructions to follow prior to 1st session & touch ups
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Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful FACE! ❤️Many clients contact me for the current eyebrow trend known as  “Microblading”, although most do not realize that Microblading is a tattoo and is under the category of “Permanent Makeup”. I am a fully licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Artist governed under the Hawaii Department of Health. Permanent Makeup is a Tattoo and there are several ways to execute a beautiful, natural looking result. The method used depends on the skill, experience and the licensing of the artist.

⭐️ I welcome you to check my website for commonly asked PMU questions as well as my scheduling: www.aimeefrenchwaxing.com 
👉🏼PMU FEES:  My initial fee for MICROBLADING does NOT include the first 4-8  week touch-up appointment
(PMU fees are listed below):

⭐️ My initial fees & touch-up fees
(+GE & HI state tax)

⭐️Payment through the VENMO APP (@aimeefrench_beauty) due prior to starting procedure  

1st session $1050

4-8 wk touch up $97

Previous/corrective PMU $1050

Additional touch ups with in 11wks of last session $207

For ALL touch up's after 12 wks of last session, price is $750.

Please go to www.aimeefrenchbeauty.com 
Click on (Kauai/Oahu) Appoointment
click Book
Select service "1st Session Brow Tattoo"

((Make sure to go back in to book your "4-8 wk touch up" by counting 4-8 wks after 1st session date))
👉🏼DURATION: Total time for the procedure is 3 hours for eyebrows. This includes paperwork, template design, numbing and the actual permanent makeup procedure. I️ do NOT rush the process, therefore please plan on spending at least 3 hours with me without interruption.
👉🏼Prior to visiting me for the PMU procedure, make sure that your body is free of ANY illegal drugs and/or substances which may compromise your ability to make decisions about your appearance and heal properly.
👉🏼Stop taking aspirin or anti inflammatories (Tylenol is fine. In fact, you can take Tylenol immediately prior to the procedure)👉🏼NO drinking of ANY alcoholic beverage, even wine, 24 hrs prior to the PMU procedure. Alcohol thins the blood & will dilute the pigment by thinning the blood causing you to bleed out the pigment.  Trust me, I will know simply by seeing how the skin responds to the controlled injury I am creating.  You can resume alcohol consumption anytime AFTER the procedure.

👉🏼Stop using your Retinol or Retinoid creams preferably 2 weeks prior to the procedure. You can restart the retinoids again, 2 weeks POST procedure (once the scabs have shed) but always avoid direct contact with your eyebrows.  Retinoids can fade the pigment (implanted in the dermis), so it is important to stay an inch away from the eyebrows, when applying.

👉🏼Stop any glycolic acid treatment, including face wash, the day BEFORE your procedure. You can use/restart acidic products 2 weeks post procedure (after the area fully sheds) but always avoid direct contact with the newly treated brow area.

👉🏼Stop taking any blood thinning prescription medication (if possible)  if your doctor will allow (consult with your MD first to obtain approval).

👉🏼Stop taking all vitamins, herbal supplements, or any other tea or supplements from the health food store, INCLUDING diet pills....2 days prior to the procedure.

👉🏼Stop taking any "oil" supplements (such as primrose & omegas, 2 days prior to the procedure.

👉🏼No tanning AT ALL; avoid direct sun exposure (on the face) 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after the procedure. Wear a broad rimmed hat and polarized sunglasses to protect your permanent makeup. Protecting the treated area from UV rays will ensure the integrity of the pigment-implants.

👉🏼 Please AVOID salty foods the day prior to the procedure.
Caffeine may compromise your ability to relax, so limit your caffeine in-take to just "1 cup" before the procedure, if possible.
👉🏼After your PMU has FULLY healed (after 6 weeks), always APPLY SUNSCREEN (for eyebrows in particular). This will help maintain the integrity of the pigment implants, over time. The UV rays of the sun will break pigment down over time, so applying a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen, is a good thing.  TRUST ME, I’ve seen eyebrow pigment turn from golden-brown to grayish-brown within a year as a result of daily UV exposure. I HIGHLY recommend you use an SPF lip balm, like “Banana Boat Lip Balm SPF 45 with Vitamin E” or “Hawaiian Tropic SPF Lip Balm”. You can find these products very inexpensively at your local supermarket or drugstore, or it can be ordered from Amazon. I suggest getting a few: keep one in your purse, one at home, one at the office... and swipe daily!
If you have "well water" 💦 in your home, please advise me ASAP. I will tell you to purchase a bottle of distilled water to wash your face for 2 weeks post procedure. "City Water" is ok. You will be instructed, in writing, to gently wash your eyebrows morning & night (this will not lift the pigment). However, I do need to know if you have “well water” in your home.

Please refrain from using a towel on the treated area, for 2 weeks post procedure. Use tissues or paper toweling to blot the skin dry after cleansing.

FYI: I will be providing you with custom Post-PMU instructions, to care for your Permanent Makeup.

You will be instructed to "gently wash your eyebrows" once per day (either morning or night) I suggest that you purchase a "mild" cleanser that does not contain any abrasives, acids or fragrance. A cleanser such as baby wash, or any mild facial cleanser is recommend.

For oily skin, wash with antibacterial soap.
Daily removal of cell build-up and topical bacteria is important for healthy healing.
Let me know if you answer YES to any of these:
Name *
Date receiving Microblading procedure *
Location receiving Microblading procedure *
1. Are you pregnant or are planning on getting pregnant in the 12 wks following procedure? *
2. Are you currently nursing? *
3. Do you have kidney problems? (Dr’s note is required) *
4. Do you have type 1 or 2 Diabetes? (Dr’s note is required) *
5. Have you ever had an organ transplant and currently on anti-rejection meds? *
6. Do you have any open lesions on the area to be treated? *
7. Are you prone to keloid scarring? *
8. Do you use a daily Retinol or Retinoid? (If so, stop use 2 WEEKS prior to the procedure). *
9. Do you apply broad spectrum SPF minimum 30, to the face everyday? Ask me for recommendations. *
Do you use Doxycycline? If so, STOP 6 months prior to appointment. This will turn the pigment black. *
11. Do you have a compromised immune system? If so, I require a doctor’a note for clearance. *
12. Are you on Thyroid medication such as “Synthroid”? (It’s ok health wise, but Note: that this may cause more touch ups needed.) *
13. If you have Trichotillomania of the eyebrows or eyelashes, or Alopecia Totalis, please note that the skin within these areas may be compromised as a result of thickened-skin and/or scar tissue. Compromised skin may not hold on to the pigment implants with as much efficacy as skin that is unaffected by this condition. The client must have realistic expectations pertaining to the final tattooed result, and a touch-up session is expected after the initial appointment. *
14. Do you spend a lot of time outside in the sun, either for work or play? If so, please where a broad spectrum sunscreen minimum SPF 30 *
15. Do you exercise? If so, refrain from any sweaty activity, the day OF and the day AFTER the procedure (if possible). *
16. Do you drink wine🍷 or have an occasional cocktail? If so, REFRAIN from any consumption of alcohol 1-2 days prior to the procedure. Alcohol thins the blood and may compromise the integrity of the procedure. *
17. Do you take any blood thinning meds, including baby aspirin, primrose oil, herbal supplements or fish oil.... or any “oil” supplements? If so, stop taking them 2 days prior to the procedure, if possible. *
18. ⚠️ Let me know if your home has “WELL 💦 WATER” as opposed to city water. There may be bacteria in well water, therefore, I do not want you washing your face with this water 7-10 days post PMU procedure. If you do have well water, purchase a gallon of distilled water, and wash your face with this, post procedure. *
Again, thank you for entrusting me with your beautiful face!
Any question you may have is important, so PLEASE text me ANY TIME:(808-226-0686)

As a multi licensed professional (Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Aesthetician ) my facility is inspected & governed under the Hawaii Dept of Health. I practice universal precautions & exceed all OSHA & PPE regulations. You and your face are in GREAT hands!
Looking forward to Seeing you!
Please fill out the Microblading Consent Form  prior to arriving to your appointment.

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