GAP Stress and Emotional Health
We'd like to hear your thoughts on stress and emotional health in the School of Physics, and we understand how sensitive this topic can be. We're happy to receive your anonymous messages, suggestions, and stories.

Anything you submit here will be strictly anonymous, unless you choose to identify yourself in the body of your message. You may submit a response through an incognito window if you'd like—either way, your responses will be anonymous.

We intend to share these messages with GAP members and with the Georgia Tech community, so please do not submit anything you wouldn't want strangers to read. Treat this form like a public bulletin board on which you might pin an anonymous note.

If you have something to say and you want it to be kept confidential, please talk to a counselor at!

Physics graduate students are more likely than the average GT graduate student to report stress caused by emotional health problems. What do you think about that? *
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