Connections Project Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering to support older Baltimore County residents through the Connections Project. This new project has been established by the Mental Health Association of Maryland’s PEERS Program to support older Baltimore County residents who are experiencing mental health challenges (fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc.) or an exacerbation of mental health disorders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which is particularly threatening to older adults.

The Connections Project uses trained volunteers to provide support (telephone and/or video) at least once per week to Baltimore County older adults. Older adults will be screened and then paired with volunteers based on responses to the questions on this application.

After receipt of this application and before pairing with an older adult, volunteers will be required to participate in a 2-hour online orientation and training. Opportunities for continuing education will be available and volunteers will receive regular supervision from the Connections Project Manager. The number of calls per week and the length of time that a pairing continues will depend on a mutual agreement between the older adult and volunteer. We ask all volunteers to reach out to their participant at least once per week. Based on the volume of referrals, volunteers will have an option to call more than one older adult each week.

Connections Project volunteers will need:
- A phone (alternate phone numbers can be obtained through Google Voice).
- To be at least 20 years old.
- Good communication skills, compassion and empathy for others who may be struggling.
- Acceptance and empathy towards mental health and addiction experiences.
- Openness to learning about mental health, aging, and wellness tools.
- To submit to a background check.

If you think that the Connections Project is a good fit for your volunteer interests, please complete the fields below so we can get in touch with you.
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Technology Questions
We want to utilize web-based calling to connect volunteers and participants. Please answer the questions below to help us understand your technology capabilities.
Do you have reliable access to a phone? *
If yes, is it a smartphone? *
Do you have reliable access to a computer with microphone and speakers for online training? *
Do you have reliable access to internet or wifi? *
How confident are you in your ability to video chat on your computer or phone? *
Getting to Know You Questions
We'll use this information to help pair you with older adults.
Why does this volunteer opportunity appeal to you? *
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What experience have you had providing support to someone in distress? *
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Explain experience you've had with older adults. *
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How old are you? *
How would you identify your gender?
What are some of your personal strengths? *
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What are some of your personal values? *
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What hobbies and activities do you enjoy? *
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How many older adults would you be interested in being paired with? *
Behavioral Health Background
The following 2 optional questions will help us to pair you appropriately with older adults who are experiencing behavioral health symptoms:
How would you describe your lived experience with mental health disorders? (i.e. personally experienced depression, anxiety, or substance use; family member of someone in recovery, etc.)
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Do you have any formal education, training or experience around behavioral health? If yes, what topics are you familiar with?
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Final Questions
Almost done!
The safety of Connections Project participants is a priority. Do we have your permission to conduct a background check? *
Are you a volunteer with NAMI?
Do you have any questions about the project? If so, write them out here and we’ll be sure to answer them when we follow up with you!
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