Leaders in Training Grade Turn-in: 2016-2017
In order to efficiently check everyone's grades and help everyone be on the most awesome path to college acceptance and graduation, you must turn in grades by Thursday night here.

Remember, you CHOOSE to be in Leaders in Training. If you input the incorrect grades, you are hurting yourself. You MUST log-in to Infinite Campus and physically check then input your grades.

If you have a C, D or F, you must attend study hall on Friday from 3-5pm. Check the online calendar to make sure there is study hall scheduled.

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Click your grade you have this week from Infinite Campus for each class below (if any of the classes do not apply to you click the "N/A" option; if the grade is currently blank, click the "N/A" option). *If you're having an issue with grades, click "N/A" for all of them and answer the last question on the survey. *
Math: pre-algebra, Algebra, Algebra 2, Pre-Calc, Calc or these classes honors/AP
English: 9, 10, 11, 12 or these classes honors/AP
Elective: foreign language
Elective: 1
Elective: 2
Elective: 3
If for whatever reason, you were unable to access your grades, but tried, enter the situation below & check-in with Mosca on Friday at study hall to explain & still get credit for turning in grades:
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