Chizuk Application Form
Please read the poster and section below before applying! This will take 20-25 minutes to complete.
Joining the Chizuk program:
IS THIS FOR ME? Chizuk is for any Jewish university student who is either involved or interested in progressive Judaism (Reform Judaism / Liberal Judaism) and wants to create an inclusive and exciting Jewish community on campus that revolves around these values.

WHAT IS IT? Chizuk is a 12 month leadership and community development course for 15 students from 5 universities to be given the skills and resources to create their own progressive Jewish communities on campus.

HOW WILL I GAIN NEW SKILLS? As part of the program you will have one on one development and with the student fieldworker and student chaplain, as well as time for formal learning around community building practices. You will also be given some financing for personal development that can see you join a training course, a Jewish retreat or residential, or a Jewish learning program.

WHAT IS EXPECTED OF ME? As well as being a creative, warm and engaging individual excited to make change on campus, Chizuk ambassadors are expected to attend all of the program dates (mentioned on the following page), and to commit themselves to meeting/skyping with the student fieldworker and student chaplain up to 4 times a term with communal events and relationship building being done throughout the year.

IS THERE A COST? There is no cost to join Chizuk, and your personal development and resources for events on campus will be funded by Chizuk. There will be some individual costs required for the Euro trip.

If all sounds good, continue to the next section!
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