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Electronicgirls - netlabel dedicated to electronic experimental music - and Live Arts Cultures - Cultural Association and live performance hub - would like to better understand the needs of sound artists and electronic/electroacoustic musicians in order to improve the organization of workshops and seminars on electronic experimentation.

We kindly ask you to take 5 minutes of your time to answer to a few questions: your answers are very important for us, as they will help us to improve our training projects.

The confidentiality of data and your anonymity are guarantee.

Our wish is to transform your opinions into a better experience in the field of electronic music trainings.

Electronicgirls and Live Arts Cultures are grateful for your precious effort!


1. How old are you?
Your answer
2. Where are you currently living?
Your answer
3. You are..
4. What is your current occupation?
Your answer
5. What instruments/devices are you using in your sound practice? (You can mark more than one option)
6. Did you study music in academic institutes (conservatories and/or universities)?
If you did, what did you major in?
Your answer
8. Have you ever participate in an electronic/electroacoustic music workshop?
If you did, you can start the questionnaire from here. If you never attended an electronic/electroacoustic workshop, please skip to the next section by selecting "next" at the end of this web page.
9. What was the last workshop you attended?
Your answer
10. When did it take place? (Please, write the year)
Your answer
11. Who was leading the workshop?
Your answer
12. Who did organize the workshop?
Your answer
13. How much do you agree with these criteria to have an influence on your participation in the last workshop you did?
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Not sure
I was curious about the proposed themes
The conductor was a notorious musician
The workshop's fee was ok
The workshop's organizers were prestigious
The length of the workshop was proper
The workshop was hosted in a fascinating setting
I had the possibility to obtain a certificate of completion
The workshop took place nearby where I live
Some of my friends/colleagues were participating in it
The workshop was offering particular accommodations
I had the opportunity to add values to my resume
If you wish, you can write more comments here:
Your answer
15. Your participation in workshop is:
16. When is the best time to attend a workshop?
17. How much would you spend for a workshop?
If you wish, you can write more comments here:
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18. How much would you travel to attend a workshop? (You can mark from 1 up to 4 answers)
19. Where do you get the information about music workshops? (Please, mark from 1 up to 2 answers)
20. What issues would you like to learn during your ideal workshop?
Your answer
If you wish, you can write more comments here:
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The questionnaire ends here. You can send the form at the end of the next section. We thank you for your answers, if you want to be in touch with us and get more information about workshops and residencies opportunities you can write your email in this blank space:
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