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Thank you for taking the time to complete this form as a presenter of the Successes and Failures in Telehealth Conference (SFT 2019). By completing this form you are assisting the conference organisers make arrangements on your behalf.
If you have any questions in relation to this form, please contact Emma Slater (Iceberg Events) on +61 7 3876 4988 or emma@icebergevents.com.au.
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All presentations should be prepared in widescreen format 16:9 resolution. The conference session rooms will be set with a lectern and microphone, screen and projector with a laptop PC. Please print and bring your notes pages with you as only the slideshow will be visible on the screen. In the interest of running seamless transitions between presentations, presenters cannot use their own laptops. All PowerPoints will be copied onto the main presentation machine by the audio visual technician. Please visit the Speakers Preparation Desk next to registration and upload your PowerPoint presentation on USB with the audio visual technician. Alternatively, please send your presentation prior to the conference to Emma Slater at emma@icebergevents.com.au or via Drop Box (if too large) in order for it to be pre-loaded. Please let Emma know if you will be sending a Drop Box file through.
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If your presentation contains video files
We would like all video files pre-conference (embedded files and YouTube/internet links) so that our AV Technical Director can download these and test them pre-conference. Please email these files or links to emma@icebergevents.com.au. If the file is large, we recommend the use of Dropbox. Please let Emma know if you will be sending a Drop Box file through.
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I give permission for my PowerPoint presentation to be collected, retained and agree that it may be published on the website in PDF form.
I give permission to be photographed during my presentation and that these photos may be published on the website and other event collateral
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