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Would you purchase products or use services advertised by PewDiePie? *
Look at this post from PewDiePie's Instagram. Would you purchase this product? Why or why not? *
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Do you think PewDiePie gives honest and authentic reviews when posting sponsored content? *
Emotional Connection & Identification
Do you believe PewDiePie's personality is the same both online and in person? *
Would you support PewDiePie through any scandal or backlash? *
Is PewDiePie relatable? Why? *
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Describe PewDiePie in three words (or less): *
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Does PewDiePie have a moral obligation to post content that is appropriate for his viewers? *
Does PewDiePie have a moral obligation to use his platform to bring awareness to various social causes and issues? *
What expectations (if any) do you have of PewDiePie? *
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How acceptable is it for PewDiePie to make mistakes? *
Should PewDiePie strive for perfection? *
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