Defend Girls is a website that aims to equip and encourage Canadians to call on their elected leaders to support Bill C-233. This bill, also called the Sex Selective Abortion Act, was introduced by MP Cathay Wagantall and it seeks to make sex selective abortion illegal.

We’ve created various materials to inform Canadians about the injustice of sex selective abortion and how they can support Bill C-233. These are free of charge - order some today and help us spread the message that Canada needs a law against sex selective abortion!

1. Flyers: Get a group together and pick a neighbourhood to distribute them in. We want to get Canadians talking.

2. Postcards: You and your friends can fill these out and send them back to your MP at the House of Commons free of charge.

3. Decals: Put a decal on your car.

4. The official English petition can be found by clicking this link -

5. The official French petition can be found by clicking this link -

Thank you for standing with us against sex selective abortion!
#1 - Flyers (packs of 50)
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#2 - Postcards (packs of 10)
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#3 - Car Decal (actual decal is white, with no pink background)
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