Grain harvest employment
Grain Producers Australia (GPA), in conjunction with the State Farming Organisations (SFOs) are working to meet labour shortages in the agricultural sector with a focus on supporting the grains industry.

This form is to be used to register your interest in farm labour roles, linking you with grains producers who require farm labour.

The information collected in this form will be used to match you with potential job opportunities that may be suitable. The more information you provide, the more likely you will be able to attract potential staff. It is important to be accurate regarding your needs and expectations.

GPA requires all farm businesses and employees to be aware of their state employment obligations and to be properly inducted. GPA is working to put businesses and potential employees in touch and offers no guarantees beyond making connections.

Please note - submitting the information does not guarantee businesses will contact you regarding work.
All information provided will be used internally and used to support the employment options.

If you'd like to discuss further, please contact GPA or your local state farming organisation.
GPA - Colin Bettles 0439 901 970 or
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Job requirements - general description
As a grain farm employee, the work required may include:
• Preparation of equipment and machinery for seeding and harvest
• Summer cropping activities including cultivating, seeding and applying appropriate fertiliser rates for all crops
• Harvest activities including crop topping, header driving, local grain delivery, grain testing, record keeping
• Operation of farm machinery including tractors, headers, grain bins and augers
• Re-fuelling, routine maintenance checks and basic servicing (ie greasing bearings, checking hydraulic fluid)
• Transport and set up equipment and gear for the day (field bins, utes, service vehicles, tractors etc)

It is helpful if you are able to approach tasks with a practical can-do attitude
• Be adaptable to the tasks and changing work conditions as task flows
• Be prepared to move fast if weather or some other issue may occur which puts the crop or farm at risk

The environment during harvest periods can include:
• Dusty, hot conditions, grain dust/straw and chaff can cause allergies
• Long hours working by yourself with a lot of space around you,
• Working as part of the harvest team
• Workplace with hazards due to environment and size of machinery being used
• The need for fast action on fire safety and awareness
• Potentially limited access to amenities (ie toilet facilities not available in the paddock)
• Machinery is intuitive to drive with technology (ie GPS)
• Mentally taxing work - operating complex machinery for extended periods of time
The tasks listed above are general and offer an overview of what to expect - are there any concerns with your ability to conduct the above tasks?
Other information that may be relevant for employers to be aware of?
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