RAW's Annual Senioritis Day!
April 17th, 2019 from 10AM-3:30 PM

The morning portion of Senioritis Day is mandatory for ALL RAW seniors to ensure you are on board with upcoming RAW events. In the afternoon, we will have lunch and focus on creating mentor thank you brushes.

10:00AM-1:30PM—You will be creating your BASH outfit with your group leader and the Launch team for the BASH! We will go over RAW senior traditions and explain your role at BASH! We will have a special breakfast from Panera for you :)

1:30PM-3:30PM—Mentor BRUSH Creation! Only mandatory time if you have a Project Launch mentor. Thank you cards will also be made. Even if you don't have a Mentor, you should stay to write thank you cards for those who wrote letters of recommendation. We will provide thank you cards for you or you can create your own!

As a reminder, the RAW-specific scholarship deadlines are soon! You will have free time to work on your scholarship essay responses after we run through the BASH.

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