CS Educator PD Grants Survey (AU/NZ, 2019)
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For the purpose of this survey Digital Technologies (DigiTech) refers to the Australian K-8 Digital Technologies Curriculum and Computer Science (CS) refers to ICT/senior and other relevant curriculum.

We greatly value your feedback!
Which organisation is hosting your CS Educator Professional Development (PD) opportunity? *
Which of the following best describes you?
If you are currently teaching DigiTech/CS or plan to, which applies?
How do you plan to teach the DigiTech/CS curriculum? Select all that apply.
Had you participated in a Google CS Educator PD (formerly CS4HS) opportunity before this workshop?
Approximately what proportion of the students who receive your DigiTech/CS instruction fit these descriptions?
Less than 1/4
About half
Almost all
Identify as Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander/Māori/Pasifika
English as a Second Language
Students with a disability
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