Core Conversations Interview Form
Thank you for joining the conversation! These are some guiding questions for the conversation that we MAY get to. You will receive a message the day before and again minutes before we go live. Core Conversations is just that, a conversation, not an interview. Think of a Starbucks conversation, it is that chill. Thanks for joining us! Please fill out as many questions as you desire.
Please state your name and your business name.
Please describe your business.
What are your passions outside of your day job?
What would you say are the two most important character traits to you?
What have you learned about your business during the quarantine?
Is there a topic you would like to discuss during our conversation?
What advice do you give to business owners / Fitness professionals during this time?
What changes have you made to your business to survive during the quarantine?
Who is your ideal client type?
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