Backend Developer Application
* Develop services to record, query and process various types of data streams
* Automate processes and develop real-time 3rd party connected services to import/export data
* Develop high throughput configuration services
* Architect and build new tools and services from ground up
* Work on and improve the deployment/orchestration/maintenance process

* 2 years of Software Engineering experience in backend development
* Professional work experience that deal with big data (high in volume and throughput)
* Experience in different types of data storage schemes (logs, objects, graph, relational etc.)
* Proficient in SQL
* Experience in at least one relational database solution
* Experience with in-memory database solution
* Keen on automated testing and process automation in general

* Experience in building a big data system from ground up
* 1 year+ experience with Go
* Knowledgeable in NoSQL

* Competitive compensation package
* Objective based generous bonus plan
* Fully transparent company
* Strong work & team culture empowering autonomy, self-discipline and personal growth
* Knowledgeable and fun team giving each other feedback on a regular basis
* Resourceful company unlocking potential to reach highly ambitious and challenging goals
* Opportunity to benefit from being part of a growing company with mission to be one of the leaders in its industry

We are more than a hypercasual game development company. We do everything in-house; literally everything including game design, development, ads, automation and of course, publishing & scaling our top-charting long-lasting games.

That makes us strong and most importantly, a perpetual company. We are here to stay and keep growing towards our grand mission.

Everyone at Alictus works in partnerships: designers, developers, engineers, and growth team. Everyone in our team has a high ownership and provide critical thinking to make sure that we are constantly moving towards our objectives.

Alictus is filled with 'crazy enough' people: creative minds, technical geniuses, hackers & top performers. We hope you are one of us.

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