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BC Witchcamp Contact List
After Witchcamp we send out a list of everyone's names, email addresses and the cities they live in so everyone who was at Witchcamp that year can stay in contact. If you DO NOT want your information shared with other campers after Witchcamp, please check this box.
Are you new to BCWC, or Witchcamps in general? *
Please tell how you heard about BCWC:
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Are you willing to be a "buddy" to a new camper?
In 2017 we will begin assigning buddies ahead of camp, so that you can be looking for your buddy when they arrive.
If yes, your years of camp experience:
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Are you planning to stay in a cabin, or outdoors in a tent, truck or RV? *
This gives us a sense of how many beds we still have available in the shared cabin spaces if we start to get close to capacity.
FOOD: Please check off what you DON'T EAT, based on your normal diet, in particular any life-threatening restrictions:
Please keep in mind that, while we strive to accommodate all campers’ diets, this is an evolving process, and anyone with severe dietary limitations is advised to bring food to supplement the meals provided. It is important to note that the cost of preparing all the varieties of special meals is the primary driver for increased costs and resulting increased camper fees this year. When considering selecting special diets, please make your selections based on physical need rather than preference. In this context, a vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy is not considered a special diet. More information will be provided in the registration package.
PATH: Indicate the path you feel most interested in at this point. *
Please see the full path descriptions for skill and prerequisite information.
TRANSPORTATION: Please indicate your transportation plans. Carpooling strongly encouraged! *
Transportation Part 2: If you need a ride, from what city? If you can offer a ride, from what city and to how many people? If you are already riding up with someone, who? *
If you need or are offering a ride, please include other transportation-related needs you might have (ie. no smokers, only passengers with small bags, leaving Vancouver at 8am etc.)
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Useful skillset
Priestess skillset (ie. ritual, musical, artistic)
If you have ritual experience, have been to Witchcamp before and are interested in helping to priestess the evening rituals, this is the place to let us know. We will compile and give this info to the teaching team pre-Witchcamp, which they will use as a resource while planning the rituals. Examples include trance leading, ritual drumming, aspecting, guitar.
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MARKET (Vendors only). Check whatever applies:
Bringing your own table is STRONGLY encouraged, as there is a severe table shortage – email Prism at gnomeprincess@hotmail.com if you are unable to bring your own table.
REGISTRATION FEES: Please indicate how you will pay: *
Full registration is $699-999 CAN or US. Total payment due by July 30, 2016. The sliding scale has been altered this year to reflect the true cost of camp. You are welcome to apply for financial aid if the bottom of the sliding scale is beyond your reach.
Method of payment *
Cheques can be made out to BCWC and mailed to: BCWC, 2031 Abbott Street, Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 1C4.
Please indicate date and amount of any subsequent payments
Remember full payment is due by July 30, 2017.
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FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (for those applying for assistance only)
Please see the Financial Assistance page for details. A link to the financial aid application form will be provided upon submission of this form. Clicking one of these boxes is not considered an application for financial support.
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