The Stop's Event Volunteer Registration Form
Are you interested in occasionally volunteering at our exciting fundraising events? Many of the available shifts take place in the evening. To be added to the event list and to be contacted with upcoming opportunities, please fill the following form and submit.

Here's a list of some exciting events coming up!

Big Night at The Green Barn (June)
The Stop's Night Market (2 day event in June)
What's on the Table (November)
The Stop's Farmers' Market at Wychwood Barns (Saturday's)

We will follow up with you around the event times listed above, or when spots open up at The Stop's Farmers' Market, we will send along an email. Thank you so much for your support!

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Volunteer Code of Conduct Acceptance
By submitting this form I confirm that I have read and will conduct myself according to the Volunteer Code of Conduct at The Stop Community Food Centre.

Anti harassment and anti discrimination

All volunteers at The Stop will:
- work to ensure that people are treated equally with respect
- work to ensure that people feel safe and welcome
- work to address discrimination based on race, class, gender, ability, religion, sexual orientation, or cultural background
- work to ensure that incidents of ill-treatment or injustice that negatively impact a person or a group of people are reported to a staff person
- abide by The Stop’s Mission, which states: “We strive to increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community and challenges inequality.”

It is important that all volunteers respect the privacy and confidentiality of each other and of participants. This means, for example:

- not disclosing information read in documents or files
- not disclosing information heard in conversation with participants, volunteers or staff
- not disclosing information about an incident that involved participants, volunteers or staff.

Call staff for support when needed
Volunteers must call a staff person in the event of any incident or in case of an emergency. Do not deal with incidents on your own.

Any volunteer who takes food from The Stop without permission will be immediately asked to leave the volunteer program. Any drinks, meals or other items for volunteers will be distributed by Stop staff members only.

Use of drugs and alcohol
Volunteers must not attend their volunteer shift while under the influence of drink or drugs. To do so will be cause for instant dismissal. Volunteers must not take drugs or drink during their shift at The Stop.

Volunteer Code of Conduct Acceptance
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