The "BenWare" Pottery Club
Welcome to the club!

It is my goal to make your daily experiences more beautiful, celebratory and meaningful through pottery!

With this form you will choose your colors and preferences as well as any add ons.

Every month you will receive one or two pieces. Complete a full dinnerware set and have new gifts for family and friends.

Dinnerware safe.
No heavy metals.
Microwave safe.
Dishwasher safe.
One of a kind!

To keep it simple there are only 2 PLANS and both INCLUDE SHIPPING (continental US).

1 piece per month shipped to you $30
2 pieces per month shipped to you $55


Is my credit card info safe?

Absolutely! I use a third party leader in the merchant industry, "". I don't store any of your card info.

What if it arrives broken?

I've gotten very good at packing and shipping but if your work arrives broken send me a picture and I'll send the replacement piece in the next shipment.

What if my bunny breaks it?

For just 50% the original cost I'll put your replacement in the next months shipment.

Can I just come pick it up and save on shipping?

The "BenWare" Club is designed to give the best service and value at the best cost. I can do this by keeping it simple. I make it I ship it.

Are there any other discounts?

The "BenWare" with shipping included is 15% less than if you were to come into the studio and buy the set! This is the best deal around so please share with your family and friends!

Terms and Conditions: Payments will recur on the first of the month and your pottery will ship before the last business day of the month. You can quit anytime but there will be no refunds, I already spent the money on more clay.

Contact me at: (541) 601-0219 or

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How many in the set?
# of cups, mugs, bowls, plates and dessert plates. Once this is complete I will continue to send you a hodge podge of cool stuff or you can request to continue to build out the set or a new color...
Color *
Color, size and shape will all vary due to influences beyond my control. This is what makes handmade special no 2 are exactly the same. These are all glossy so won't leave silverware scrape marks.
I want it first!
This will inform what I will send you when.
Add ons at 20% off!
Go all the way! Discount price of 20% off! This will be included in your first bill.
How many pieces per month?
$30 plan is 1 piece per month, $55 plan is 2 pieces per month. *This does not include your discount.
Questions and comments *
If you have any questions or comments that will help me in organizing your subscription please let me know here:
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First payment will include any and all “add ons” after that the regular subscription plan will go into effect of $30 or $55. It is rare but if your pottery arrives broken take a photo and send it to me and your replacement will be added to your next month's shipment with no extra charge. If you break a piece I will replace it for just 50% the cost of the piece. Customer always pays shipping. All discounts are added to pottery only. Shipping and handling is factored in at $10. (The average shipping is $8-$12 in the continental US).You may pay for a full calendar year up front if you choose for another 5% discount. You may cancel anytime but no refunds will be given. Payments will go through on the first of the month and shipment will be sent before the month is out. I will do my best to fill your priority BenWare set first but it may be that circumstance makes this impossible for a month or two, in which case you will be sent something else.This is an experiment, I invite you to let me know about your wants, needs and expectations all along the way. If you are not stoked on a piece send it back to me with a written note as to why and what you would prefer and I will replace it. Either party may cancel anytime. If you are not happy or this is not working out for me I retain the right to cancel the program. If this were to happen I would do my absolute best to fulfill all outstanding orders.I will be seeking simplicity as well as a balance between innovation and consistency. I like my work to be stackable and highly functional. It is my goal to exceed your expectations whatever they may be. Thank you for joining the BenWare Pottery Club! It is my goal to stoke you out with beautiful and functional, 100% non-toxic, dishwasher and microwave safe utilitarian art so that you not only want to stay with the BenWare club indefinitely but share it with the ones you love most! BY TYPING YOUR NAME BELOW YOUR AGREE TO THESE TERMS:.
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