PTSA Grants Program Guidelines
One of the PTSA’s missions is to support educators' efforts to enhance the academic and overall educational experience of all students at Foothill High School. Grant awards will be considered when funding is not available through alternate sources. PTSA grant funds are made available through monies raised throughout the year. We appreciate your continued support of PTSA's ongoing fundraising efforts.

The PTSA is guided by the principle that the Grants Program benefit the entire FHS community and that funds be utilized the year in which they were raised. Decisions will be made to balance student age, subjects, and groups. With this in mind, grants generally fund:
• Requests that benefit more than just a few specific students, this school year
• Requests that impact a wide variety of subject areas and/or grade levels
Requests with a limit of approximately $10 per pupil for any consumable
• A maximum of $500 for student grants (there is no specific limit currently in place for staff or teacher grants)

Who Can Apply
The PTSA encourages grant applications from many segments of the FHS community. You are welcome to apply if you are a PTSA member and a Foothill:
• teacher
• club leader
• administrator
• staff member or
• student (teacher advisor must be a PTSA member)

What Grants Can Fund
Grants can fund items including, but not limited to:
• Supplies, materials and equipment including books, magazines and newspapers
• Support for school programs
• Instructional CDs, videos and software
• Staff professional development
• Construction materials for small projects
• Requests that impact underserved school groups or subjects

What Grants Cannot Fund
Based on PTSA guidelines, grants cannot fund:
• Projects that benefit just a very few students (i.e. student competition fees)
• Direct payment of transportation costs, hotels, etc. (due to insurance limitations)
• Direct payment of salaries or substitute teacher costs
• Personal gifts or gift cards for individuals
• Technology items covered by Foothill Administration's site-wide Technology Plan
• Band/music related requests covered by Band Boosters
• Athletics related requests covered by Foothill Athletics Boosters

How to Apply
• Make sure your Department Chair is on board with your proposal (Grants Committee will verify this).
• Complete and submit the online Grant Request form on the next page.
• Send any supporting documentation available to help us better understand the grant request to Grants Committee Chair, Sadia Lateef at


Your application will be discussed and voted on by the Grants Committee who may ask for clarification and will notify you of their final decision.

If Your Grant Isn't Funded
Please understand that some grants may not be funded due to competing priorities and budget constraints (but don't let that stop you from applying!). You will be promptly notified if your grant isn't funded for whatever reason. Please know that whether or not your grant request is funded, your taking the time to put forth your ideas and write up a proposal, is greatly appreciated.

If Your Grant is Funded
Funds must be spent and the following turned in by May 1, 2018 (put in PTSA mail slot, marked "Attention PTSA Treasurer"). All requests for payment are to include:

a) A completed PTSA Check Request. Receipts, invoices or office-generated PO's MUST be attached.
b) A short statement and/or photo describing the positive impact made by the grant is appreciated

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