Chromebook Responsible Use Agreement

Student Technology Responsible Use Agreement
Broken Arrow Public Schools 1:1 Instructional Initiative

    I understand that I am expected to

    *Take reasonable steps to ensure that the Chromebook is not damaged or stolen. *Leave all BAPS labeling in place and in its original condition. *6th grade student keep device is school issued case at all times. *Bring the Chromebook charged every day. *Use the Chromebook at school and at home in a responsible manner. *Download free apps from the Chrome App Store to help with educational activities. *Pay the the cost of repairing or replacing the Chromebook should the device be damaged, lost or stolen or if the student leaves Broken Arrow Public Schools without returning the Chromebook. (Pending Insurance)


    I acknowledge that I have reviewed the BAPS 1:1 Initiative Guidebook (, which details the initiative’s goals, implementation policies and the care of the Chromebook device itself. I further understand that Broken Arrow Public Schools will NOT issue a device to a student until his or her parent or guardian has signed this agreement.
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