-This form must be filled by all parents prior to the first day of class - every year
-Fees for The Year of 2020-2021: $50/month per child
-Duration of the program: 9 Months: September - June (one month break during Ramadan)
-Schedule: Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings (specific times depend on class size and student levels)
-You must be added to the Whatsapp group before filling this form as we have limited space.
-New applicants who have not checked in with Br. Ala and have not been added to the Whatsapp group will be rejected.
Full Name of Parent *
Name of Children and Age - Example: Mohammad (5) Ibrahim (6) *
Email and Phone Number *
Emergency Contact - include Relationship to student and phone number(s) *
List any illnesses/allergies/medication. If None put None *
Starting Month : *
Payment method (the first or full payment must be made before clicking submit below) *
Authorization: I authorize ANDALUSIA MAS-UNY to charge me the amount written below as a monthly charge OR a full payment. Please type the amount AND "monthly" OR "full payment" below. EXAMPLE: $50 monthly or $450 full payment *
Question or Request to Finance Department (including reminders about credit for any full payments made for the year of 2019-2020)
Questions or Requests to Taekwondo Director
Disclaimer: By joining this program I understand and agree to the following terms. 1. I am liable to make sure credit or debit cards or other forms of payment are current. Outstanding balances and missed payments without communication with the office may disqualify my child's participation in this program. Any discrepancies or errors in charges should be brought to the instructor and office's attention immediately. 2. I understand that this is a contact sport and injuries may occur during sparring or training. All instructors and affiliates of the center in which the activity is being held are not liable for any injuries. It is the parent responsibility to make sure students have all uniforms and protective gear that is up to date and properly fitting. 3. I understand that my child must be cleared by a physician to practice Taekwondo. 4. I understand that frequently missing classes may affect my child's performance in class, in tournaments, and belt advancement eligibility. 5. If my child has any symptoms of colds, flus, viruses, which are a fever over 100.4, cough, or congestion, I will not bring them to class until they are fully recovered and cleared by a physician. 6. I understand that excessive noise coming from parents or siblings watching is not permitted as it can negatively affect the instruction of the entire class. 7. I understand that I must drop off and pick up my child on time and that the instructors may have to leave to other obligations after the training session is over -----PLEASE TYPE YOUR NAME BELOW----- *
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