Your Love Adventure® - Interest Questionnaire
"Let's stop waiting for love to find us, and instead powerfully choose to embark on an adventure to co-create it with The Universe."
- Evin & Alex

WELCOME! We are so excited that you are interested and committed to finding love in a new, exciting, and adventurous way, and we hope to get to support and empower you along that journey :) We're in the process of creating something BIG, and we're thrilled that you're one of the first people to learn about (and help us shape!) YOUR LOVE ADVENTURE®.

We get how dating is out there, and how conventional dating culture doesn't necessarily serve those of us who are ready for something deeper, more honest and powerful and REAL. Before we each created our own unique dating adventures that brought us together, we, too, spent hours (and hours, and hours) on apps, met people in bars, went on seemingly endless lack-luster first dates, got into unfulfilling situation-ships, and invested in relationships that ultimately couldn't meet our deep desires for aligned partnership. In the end, we realized we were playing out the same, tired patterns in dating, and frankly, we weren't having fun!

We believe that it's time to create a new way to find love; a process that encourages self awareness, personal growth, confidence in owning what you want, and the bravery to show up open-heartedly. We want to support you in creating an experience of your dating life that you can actually ENJOY, generating fun and adventure along the journey, with less pressure and attachment to the "end result."

As two experienced coaches with over 12+ years combined experience (including 6 years of dating & love life coaching!) who had to create a new way to find love ourselves, we could not be more excited to bring this fresh take on dating into the world!  We specialize in supporting humans who are READY to create their deepest desires through conscious communication, intimacy, vulnerability, personal responsibility, accountability, vision, intention, and the deep dive process of breaking up un-serving patterns, and we'll be bringing EVERYTHING we've got into Your Love Adventure®!

Before moving on, know that this is just an interest questionnaire. You are not bound to take this adventure with us, and neither you, nor we are committing to working together. This is a first step, a way for you to share with us so we can build this program in a way that intentionally serves those that want it most.

Oh-- and for being among the first to be here with us, you will get the first invitation to embark on this journey with us when we open it up for enrollment in 2022 :)

We hope you enjoy this questionnaire process, and regardless of where it leads we wish that you gain some personal awareness and grow through your experience. We can't wait to connect more with you!

With love,
Evin & Alex
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Many people are willing to invest in their bodies/health (buying healthy food, working with a trainer), and some invest in their minds (coaches, therapists, mentors, etc).   It's more rare to see people investing in the thing they want most-- love!  Have you or do you currently invest in getting supported in your love life?  If so, how? *
Have you done or are you currently doing any NON-dating/love life related coaching, therapy, or personal development work? If yes, please share: *
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Thank you so much for sharing with us! We'll reach out to you as soon as we have updates or invitations to share :) In the meantime, we'd love to stay connected on IG: @yourloveadventure, or you can reach us via email at!
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