Buggy Bootcamp Post-Natal Health Questionnaire and PAR-Q
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this Health Questionnaire and PAR-Q form, I know there is a lot to get through! When I receive your answers I will look over all of the information and we can then move forward with the safest way for you to begin exercising. Depending on some of your answers it may be necessary for you to either visit your GP to be referred to a Women’s Health Physio (you can self refer in Bedfordshire) or it may be wise to book an appointment directly with a private Women’s Health Physio for a thorough check (Cost is from about £35). Whichever course of action is needed (if any) I can help you with further information and point you in the right direction! Jo.x

All of your personal information entered on the questionnaire is strictly confidential and will be treated as such in accordance with the GDPR Regulations of May 2018 . When joining Buggy Bootcamp it is necessary for you to complete this online questionnaire and provide some very sensitive information. It is my duty to inform and reassure you that absolutely no part of this information is EVER shared with any other person or organisation at all. Information is shared with health professionals only with your express permission, for example when working with a Women’s Health Physio. The online Google drive forms are designed by me on my private Gmail account which is password protected. They are only accessed through my password protected laptop and only viewed by me. They are printed out and I make summary notes on the front of each one and then they are stored in a filing cabinet in my home. Your first name and your child’s first name are put on a paper-based register which I use week to week to keep a check of sessions used. Your name, phone numbers and email addresses are stored on my phone with no other information attached and are used for emailing and what’s app contact and to telephone and text message. If any of you have any questions about the data I hold for you or wish to see your information, then please let me know.

Your email address is collected on this form. It will not be shared with anyone or sold to any companies. When you enter your email address you will automatically be added to the BuggyBootcamp Bedford Newsletter mailing list. If you don't want to receive the Newsletter please indicate below.
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