One Root One Communi-Tree 2021! 21 January - 21 May
After quite a challenging year for all of us, EEG is back with its first recycling campaign for 2021, and is rolling out the annual “One Root, One Communi-Tree” (OROC) project. As an up and coming leader in sustainability and innovation, the United Arab Emirates continues to make strides each year to attain resilience and progress. However, it must be realised that such progress can only be attained with the collective effort of all of stakeholders within the community. EEG’s OROC campaign aims to mobilise the community towards proactive environmental action and promote the expansion of green urban space through tree planting of indigenous trees associated with this project. Through this recycle for nature campaign, EEG aims to instill eco-friendly habits within the UAE community and encourage them to embark upon a greener, more sustainable future.

The Phase 1 of OROC will be rolled out from 21st January 2021 and will run till 21st May 2021.

You may choose to collect and deposit any or all of the mentioned recyclable materials detailed in the flyer within the specified time period of two weeks to qualify.

Participants who are committed towards achieving the set targets within the time period this year will be eligible for a Certificate of Participation and also will be provided an opportunity to plant a Native Tree sapling under their name in one of the public areas of the UAE on 21.12.21. The number of trees that participants are eligible to plant will be directly proportionate to how many times the targets have been achieved in each category.
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