Power Seed - Game Description
The story set in the several centuries into the future from now where earth faces serve natural disasters due to destroying of the environment by humans. However humans identified the importance of the nature and they are now cultivating the universe.
Fast-forwarding several years, now they faced new problems in those cultivated planets, aliens who wants to destroy/eat those crop. So our main character and his assistant set on a mission to fight these aliens. One planet at a time. They are experimenting new seeds that can be grown instantly and explode to destroy aliens/enemy. So the story continues on the planets throughout the universe.

Core Game-play Mechanics
--"Hard blocks" block the path of the explosion
--"Soft blocks" block the path of the explosion (usually), and are destroyed; they randomly reveal a power-up
--Un-triggered plants will detonate
--Any enemies/player hit by the explosion will die or hurt

--Seeds-Up: Increase by one the number of simultaneous seeds the player can place
--Fire-Up: Increase the blast radius (propagation range) of the plant’s explosions
--Speed-Up: Increase player speed

*Different Seeds
--Full-Fire: plants have infinite range (except when combined with Dangerous-Plant)
--Dangerous Plant: Blast expands in a square, and goes through hard blocks
--Pass-Through Plant: Blast propagates through soft blocks
--Remote Plant: Plant only detonate when you trigger them
--Land Mine Plant: Plant only detonates when someone walks over it

--Seeds-Up/Fire-Up/Speed-Up "Down" versions
--Instantly trigger placed plants
--Freeze for some time duration
--Teleport to another location
--Remove seeds from your total seed count.
--Slow Players movement speed

--Shirker: Don’t know player's existence. Moves on a random path & on collision player will get hurt/die.
--Stalker(Vision): Has vision. If stalker(Vision) directly saw player, will try to follow & attack.
--Stalker(Sense): Can sense player. if player within range, will try to follow & attack.
--Ghost: It cannot hurt player or player cannot hurt the ghost. But ghost can slow player down for some time if player collide with it.
--Armored Enemy: Hard to kill. Need to attack more than once to kill.
--Brood Enemy: Explosion will create new multiple enemies of smaller version.

--Player can send comrade to find the nearest enemy and detonate it.

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