Registration Form for Theatre Classes - March 5 - April 16
Classes are Tuesday evenings at either 4pm or 5pm (which ever time works best for your family) and last 45 minutes. We will have beginner and advanced classes at each time slot. We will choose which class will be appropriate for your child. If you have questions when filling out this form, please email
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Tuition is $100 per session, is due by the first day of class and is non-refundable. *
Each actor will need a RED SCT t-shirt for the showcase. These are $10. (If you already have one that fits and is in good condition, please indicate so on the t-shirt size) *
Which class time would be convenient for your child to attend on Tuesday evenings? (We will place kids in the level of class we feel they should be in. We will have multiple levels at each time slot) *
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If you child needs a RED SCT shirt, please indicate what size shirt you would like to order for them. Shirts are $10. (If you choose to be invoiced, we will include this charge on the invoice we send. If you are paying cash or check, please include this in the cost of tuition and should be paid on the first day of classes. Shirts can be picked up the first day of class) *
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