Real 90 Weekly Update
This is where you will check in weekly and answer a few question about your Real 90 experience.
This form must be completed by end of day each Sunday during the duration of your Real 90 Program
REAL 90 Weekly accountability form
Name (First and Last)
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Real 90 Group (Starting Month)
How many total pounds are you down?
How many total Real Results classes did you attend this week?
Did you do FB check-in and tag Paul Rosenberg and Breanne Bringle on all RR classes and workouts outside of RR?
How many total hours of cardio OUTSIDE of Real Results did you do this week?
Did you advance the intensity of your cardio this week?
Did you have any cheat meals this week?
If you did cheat what was it?
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What meal plan format are you on? (5/3/5/2, 4/2/5/2)
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Did you meal prep for the week?
Did you complete the positive psychology homework this week?
How many times did you read your goals this week?
How many times did you stretch this week?
How many times did you foam roll this week?
Do you have any problem areas causing you pain? ( if yes please explain )
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Do you have any questions or concerns to address regarding the meal plan or your workouts?
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