MOBA Housing Development Fund - Call for Loan Requests
This is the first Call for Loan Requests of the MOBA Housing Development Fund. Project submissions will be received until June 20 and reviewed by the Fund Committee. Decisions about the attribution of funds will be taken by June 30, and loans will be issued in July. A further Call for Loan Requests may be issued later in the year.
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Organisation/name of MOBA member (applicant) *
Name of the housing project (if relevant)
Contact (email and phone) *
The amount you are applying for (loan sum/principal) *
Requested loan duration (maximum 18 months) *
What is the scale of the total investment? *
What are other sources of finance (expand if applicable, max. 150 words)? *
Proposed starting date *
You are requesting a loan to: *
A detailed description of your project and the use of the loan (max. 200 words) *
Why do you choose the MOBA Fund over other types of loans and/or funding sources? *
What repayment schedule would fit your project (each month, every 6 months, at the end of the loan term, etc.)? *
What is the repayment mechanism to reimburse the loan?  (Please expand on this in max. 150 words) *
How do you evaluate the risk of not being able to fulfil the repayment schedule (low/moderate/high)? (Please expand on this in max. 150 words) *
What suggestions would you make to the loan conditions to make this loan more meaningful, having in mind the overall goal of the MOBA Fund and the specific requirements of your project (max. 200 words)? *
Any other feedback or idea you would like to share?
The Fund Committee may come back with additional questions during the review.
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