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Only individuals requesting to be a volunteer with Springfield Public Schools in Missouri should complete this form.
A VOLUNTEER is an uncompensated adult who assist teachers, administrators, or other staff in public school classrooms, schools, or school district programs.

-VOLUNTEERS serve under the guidance and direction of district personnel.
-VOLUNTEERS must be screened through an FBI fingerprint background check, register with the Family Care Safety Registry prior to volunteering, and wear identifying stickers/badges at all times while on school grounds or at school-sponsored events.
-VOLUNTEERS, like visitors, must check in at the front desk and present their identification for approval through the visitor management system when entering school buildings.


Individual assigned a task such as:
-Chaperoning an overnight event or field trip
-Working at the book fair or in the library or office
-Providing classroom support
-Serving as a reading/math tutor

Individual volunteering from organizations/programs including:
-Big Brothers Big Sisters
-Community Partnership of the Ozarks
-RSVP Reading Buddy
-Khebrat Program
-School-sponsored before- or after-school clubs
Individuals wishing to be a visitor at an SPS site DO NOT need to complete this form.
A VISITOR is a parent, relative, or other adult with permission of the child's parent or guardian who visits the school for a specific event or reason, or attends an off-campus school-sponsored event.  There is no reasonable expectation that a visitor would be alone with a child other than their own.

-VISITORS should check in at the front office, present their identification for clearance through the visitor management system.
-VISITORS should wear identifying  stickers/badges at all times while in the building, at an off-campus school event, or field trip during school hours.  


Person, parent or guardian attending/visiting for:
-Parent-teacher conference
-IEP/504 meetings
-PTA meetings
-Field trip with your child only
-Class party
-Book Fair with their child
-Guest speaker

Community/business members visiting for:
-A singular event under the supervision of administration or teachers
Based on the descriptions above, are you requesting to be a volunteer and therefore need to complete this volunteer application? *
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