Bass 2019-2020 User Survey
Greetings! As we move into considering upgrades and improvements from Bass Media, we would like to hear from you, our users. Your feedback will be invaluable as we look to make the Media Checkout the best it can be! Please note that feedback will be anonymous, and should take around 15 minutes to complete.
How well does each category of equipment fit your needs? A 1 indicates that it needs immediate improvement, a 7 indicates that it is perfectly satisfying your needs. *
Please note that these categories match the ones in Reservations. If you are unfamiliar with any category, check on or select "N/A". "Satisfying your needs" means the category has all equipment you need for projects, and that they are all working as expected.
1 (Needs immediate work)
7 (Perfectly fits my needs)
Video Cameras
Still Cameras
Camera Lenses
Tripods and Stands
Light Kits
Digital Audio Recorders
Audio Equipment
Classroom Accessories
Laptop And Phone Accessories
iPads and Keyboards
Media Accessories
Adapters And Cables
Prox Card Readers
(Optional) Please elaborate on scores of 7
(Optional) Please elaborate on scores of 1
Is there a gap in our offerings? A particular piece or kind of equipment we currently do not carry that you would like to see? A category we're missing?
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