How do you say?
I'm collecting a list of technical words/commands/etc that we often read about and write about (or type) but rarely say out loud. Many of these words may not have any "official" pronunciation. 

Is there a word/command/etc that you pronounce and are unsure of the official pronunciation?  

Have co-workers given you a hard time for pronouncing something "wrong?”

Fill out this form below to submit a word you'd like to hear a group of tech folks say out loud.  

I'm collecting these for a future project to record people in a "lightning round" style video series as they pronounce these various words.  

Do you want to be recorded on a video with me pronouncing these words and be shared to social media with the tech community? Drop your email address in the form. 

It might be hilarious or stupid. Only time will tell.  
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Name of the command/file/directory/tech term with unsure pronunciation

One command per form submission (if you have more than one just submit multiple times!)
Do you want to join a short (5 minute) video recording pronouncing 10 of these words in your own way?
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