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CareWrapper is an easy to use management tool for social care, wrapping up care planning & live care interactions - instantly and in one place.

Coming soon to iOS, Android & Desktop - register your interest and we’ll let you know when it’s ready!

If you are a care provider, we would love for you to fill out our short survey below, so we can learn more about what you do. It will help us focus on what you need the most, the more information you can give us, the better we can make the service for you when we launch the platform.

For the first 15 care providers to fill out the full survey, there will be a lifetime early-adopter discount!
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This extra info will help us tailor the app features to your needs. The first 15 care providers to fill out the full survey will receive a lifetime discount once we launch!
In your company, which person is responsible for IT, or your business resources/needs?
What kind of clients/service users do you work with?
How many clients/service users do you have?
How many units/homes do you have?
How many staff do you have?
Could you be more prepared for CQC and local authority inspections?
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What is your current communication system, how do you communicate daily changes/business updates to staff?
Do you currently use a digital product to manage your care home and care notes? If so, which one?
If you use a digital product already, which features are currently missing in the software?
What's the worst part of your current digital management system?
If you currently use digital technology for your care business, are you using iOS or Android systems?
How do your staff currently provide hand-overs notes between shifts?
With the announcement that all social care and health care businesses should be paperless by 2020, do you feel prepared?
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If yes, what steps will you take to make your care business paperless?
Would you use a new app that enabled you to go paperless, generate reports, host medical reminders, record your admin and have an instant view of what your service users and staff have been doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?
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How much would you pay for this service per month?
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