NUS Education Conference 2019: Equity Grant Application
The National Union of Students (NUS) is an organisation committed to equity, accessibility and inclusivity.

As such NUS seeks to provide Equity Grants for Education Conference to students from low socio-economic backgrounds, from student organisations with limited resources, those of ethnically and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

These grants are provided on a needs basis and NUS will take into account whether or not your student organisation is providing their own Equity Grants when considering your application.

Please note that if successful, your Equity Grant will be provided to you electronically via bank transfer.

All information provided to NUS on your form is confidential and will only been seen by the NUS Equity Grant Committee.

Equity grant applications will close on Friday 3rd of June 2019 and successful applicants will be contacted by Wednesday the 19th of June 2019.

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