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Apply for a team of student consultants to help your company through the B Impact Assessment.
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Do you remember when you first learned of Certified B Corporations? We'd love to hear the story of when you first became aware of Certified B Corporations-- whether it was seeing the logo on a product, hearing about them from a friend & colleague, or some other source... it'll help us help the folks at B Lab grow the movement if we can hear from you how & when you first learned of the B Corp movement.
Please choose one (or more) of the following goals that best describes what you hope to get from your student consulting team. *
Please elaborate on your response above by telling us more about what you'd like the student consulting team to do for & with you over the course of the short seven week term. The CLEARER you are in stating what you'd like from the team, the better they will be able to help you. (Please remember this is a team endeavor-- the students should be working together as a team towards a common set of deliverables to achieve the goal you mentioned in the question above. It's fine for students to take lead on different tasks that best fit their interests & skills, but the 2-4 students working with you should not each have their own “project.”) *
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