Online Reporting System
No issue is too small. We want students to know they can report to us if they are experiencing issues and to let the school know if there is anything amiss that should be investigated. If this is an actual emergency, please make sure you contact 911.  

While the purpose here is to encourage the use of this system when bullying or cyberbullying is involved, we welcome students or parents to keep the district informed whenever they notice, witness, or otherwise become aware of:

Abuse at home (or elsewhere)
Concerns about a fellow student (self-harm, suicidal ideation, etc.)
Criminal activity (drugs, extortion, theft, vandalism, rape, etc.)
Potential Fights
General threats to campus safety or the campus environment
Sexual Harassment

While this isn't anonymous, it provides students and parents a way to report concerns about the above mentioned items without someone seeing a student sharing with a teacher or an administrator.  This form will be checked by building administration each weekday while school is in session.  If this is an emergency situation, please contact 911.

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