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We, the undersigned members of the Royal College of Nursing, in accordance with 13.3 of Standing Orders, request an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) be called within the next 3 months to discuss the communication and process surrounding the presidential election 2020 where two candidates were excluded from the election following perceived campaign policy breaches during the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown.

The RCN's election policy provides limitless power for an unelected official to write, interpret and implement any rules or interpretations they see fit; this is a process open to abuse and misuse, inconsistency of application and offers no clarity or transparency for candidates or members alike.

Examples of breaches of electioneering, based upon the interpretation of the Returning Officer, which pertain to the two remaining candidates, have been ignored.

We as members are being told who we can and cannot vote for in our Presidential Election.

It is not acceptable.

We need an Extraordinary General Meeting to force the change required, to protect the integrity of our trade union, to protect the profession of nursing and to make sure the RCN will properly represent us as we fight for better pay, prospects and conditions for us all.

1. That this EGM agrees that members have no confidence in the current leadership of the Royal College of Nursing and feel that our confidence can only be restored by having a full independent review of the management and governance functions within the Royal College of Nursing .

2. That this EGM agrees that a representative group from Forums, Branches, Past Presidents and the Petitioners is developed, Chaired by the current President, to oversee the appointment of an Independent Review team with funding allocated and independent legal advice made available.

3. That the findings of this review be presented for debate and voting by the membership at the next AGM in 2021.

4. That the conduct and process of the 2020 RCN presidential and deputy presidential elections are immediately halted pending the review.
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