SFS Event Crew - Application & Annual Declaration
Please complete this form if you wish to volunteer to become part of the Scottish Freedom Series event crew.

Before deciding to get involved please ensure you have familiarised yourself with:-
1. The event rules and information
2. The SFS scoring guide
3. The event crew policies and protocols

This form serves as:-
1. A REGISTER of your personal details, and next of kin information for safety and insurance purposes.
2. A DECLARATION of your mountain safety skills, experience, state of readiness and ability to work in the mountain environment and fulfill your event official responsibilities.
3. A MEANS TO IDENTIFY what mountain safety training you would like to fill gaps in knowledge or skills.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Please note all information submitted will remain confidential and not be divulged to third parties. It will only be used for the purposes designated above.

Only crew registered through this form are covered by the SFS event insurance policy provided through Snowsport Scotland.
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Years of Freeride Comp Experience *
Please confirm how many years of experience you have worked as part of the Scottish Freedom Series or any other recognised Freeride event crew
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