Brussels Balboa Rdv Thursday Beginner Classes Registration
Our next Balboa beginner classes will start on 20th February, and run each Thursday in Salle Dublin (Rue de Dublin 13, 1050 Ixelles) from 18h to 19h until 25th of June, for a total of 15 classes of 1 hour each, and a total price of 120 EUR for the session.

Classes are scheduled on: 20/2, 5/3, 12/3, 19/3, 26/3, 2/4, 23/4, 30/4, 7/5, 14/5, 28/5, 4/6, 11/6, 18/6, 25/6 (no classes on 27/2, 9/4, 16/4 and 21/5 due to holidays).

If you register on your own, you will be put on a waiting list until we match you with a partner.
If you register with a partner, please enter your partner name in this form and we will immediately confirm your registration.

Please complete this form to register to this upcoming session. You can send us any questions at
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By registering for our Balboa classes organised by Swing It Brussels (also called SIB) you understand & accept these Terms & Conditions at all times. DisclaimerWe would like to remind you that participation is at your own risk. SIB organisers are not responsible for any claim, injury, loss or damage which may occur from participating in this event.Refund policyWe’re very sorry, but we do not offer refunds. But we can propose you a future re-inscription for another session. We want our event to be a safe and non-threatening environment for participants & organisers. All dancers have the right to enjoy dancing in a safe and enjoyable environment where appropriate etiquette and behaviours are expected. Please have a look at our code of conduct. We reserve the right to refuse admission and/or contact with any person who displays verbal, physical and/or threatening behaviour towards our staff or participants. We reserve the right to ask any person who displays inappropriate dance floor behaviour towards our dancers to leave the event.SIB reserves the right to turn down registrations or refuse entry to any part of the event.
Code of conduct *
We want you to have fun and enjoy connecting with others on the dance floor. At the same time, we also want everyone to feel and be safe while attending our classes.So, here are a few quick points to bear in mind while attending :We welcome every dancer at our classes. Respect people’s opinions, beliefs, differing states of being and differing points of view.Respect your own and other people’s physical and emotional boundaries.Be responsible for your own actions. Be aware that your actions can affect others.Dance roles are not necessarily related to gender. Everyone can dance with anyone! Take care of yourself and of others – on and off the dance floor (this includes personal hygiene)If you experience or witness any behaviour that crosses your boundaries or makes you feel uncomfortable the teachers are here for you, but remember that simple communication may help.Any behaviour that threatens other’s safety within the space may lead to exclusion of the class.If you encounter any problems you want to talk about, please inform our teachers.
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