Warwick Kayak Canoe Sprint Event 2018
This years event will take place on Saturday 6th October 2018, £15 for Senior £13 for Junior, free parking on Myton Fields, just off the Myton Road, Warwick.


The price includes entry to both events.

Please pay via bank transfer to A Herbent 30-94-36 338 562 60 using reference WSE18 & athlete name

If you have any questions please email Warwick sprint event @ gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Entries will close on Friday 28th September


This year, by popular demand we bring back the famous mass start marathon, along with the AC DC Thunderstruck soundtrack!

We will add a new twist to the 200m sprints, so in place of the 4 paddlers per heats / final, we will be running larger groups of paddlers who will race head to head over 3 races. Every paddler gets points, depending on finish position, in each race. The overall Sprint winner is the paddler with most points.

The knockout event was well received last year, so we keep it for this year. We will offer a separate race group for canoes though, in the knockout and sprints, unless the paddler wants to race with kayaks.

Explanation of race format is below.

Provisional schedule for the day is:


Paddlers will be assigned into race groups. Lasts years are below, they will be similar to this, depending upon number of entries etc. We will aim to get ~16 paddlers per group. A separate group for canoes may be introduced.

Each group will have 3 races. All paddlers in the group will start the race at the same time (group start). There are no lanes. Every paddler will win points, based on their finish position in the race, with winner getting most points, and the last paddler to cross the line getting least points.

The paddlers will then stay on the water, turn-around and race again in the opposite direction. Again, points won depends on finish position.

Again, paddlers will then stay on the water, and turn-around and race again in the same direction as the first race. Paddlers get points for finish position.

Each paddlers points are accumulated for the three races, and the paddler with most points is the winner of the group sprint.

Prizes for 1,2,3 place.

Taking this format provides the excitement of large starts, and will allow more racing to be included throughout the day.

The sprint is all about winning the most races. To secure 1st place, your need to win each race!


The knockout brings excitement and skill into a fast paced event. There will be a knockout event for each Sprint Group. Each Sprint Group has ~16 paddlers.

All paddlers in the group will start simultaneously. They will race over a distance of 100m. The last few paddlers (2 or 3) to cross the finish line will be knocked out of the event.

The remaining paddlers turn round, and again start simultaneously racing in the opposite direction over 100m. Again, the last few paddlers to cross the finish line will be knocked out of the event.

The race repeats until there are only a few paddlers remaining. The final race then commences, and the 1st 2nd and 3rd to cross the line are declared the winners.

The paddlers who were knocked out in the 1st leg will be entered into a runners-up ‘knockout’, taking the same format as above. This is race depends if we have enough time in the day, and subject to confirmation on the day. Likewise, winners from each knockout will all compete against each other.


There will be a 2000m marathon for U12, and 4000m for everyone else.

There will be a mass start, with paddlers lined up behind the start line depending upon their group. Canoes will get a small head start so they don’t capsize in the wash. Paddlers will race upriver, turn around, and race back down river to the finish line.
As last year, we will have a BBQ during the day, with some good quality food, drinks and snacks.
It’s aimed to be a fun day, feel free to do take it that way! Fancy dress in your boat? Picnics?
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