Apply for Divest Ed's 2021 Summer Organizing Fellowship!
The Divest Ed Organizing Fellowship is a leadership development program for student fossil fuel divestment organizers in the United States who want to grow their organizing skills, deepen their commitment to climate justice, and cultivate connections with other students across the country. This is Divest Ed's third year running a national fellowship.

Fellows spend the summer building deep relationships, gaining organizing skills, helping coordinate and strategize for the national student divestment movement, and receiving mentorship and campaign coaching. The Fellowship is intended for students who are newer to organizing and who may not have leadership positions in their campaigns yet, but are ready to become more involved.

The Fellowship will intentionally prioritize students of backgrounds that need to be centered in the divestment movement, including Black, Indigenous, people of color, disabled, poor and working class people, people from communities directly impacted by climate change, environmental injustice, and fossil fuel extraction, immigrants, and women, trans, and non-binary folks.

The Fellowship will be virtual and will meet through a variety of mediums, including Zoom, phone calls, off-Zoom work time, and Slack. Time commitment is about 18 hours per week. Exceptions to the online schedule will be made on a case-by-case basis. The exact hours are subject to change, but are likely to be:
● Mondays and Wednesdays: 12-5:45PM EST
● Thursdays: 1-5:45PM EST

Each fellow will receive a $3,500 stipend for the 7-week program, paid in two payments. The first payments will be sent during the first week of programming, and the second payment will be sent mid-way through the program.

● Monday, June 28th - Thursday, August 13th

Submission of this form is the entirety of the application and takes between 20-30 minutes. You do not need to provide a resume or cover letter. You may be asked for a phone interview.

● Final application deadline: End of Sunday, February 7th
● Applicants notified of status: Friday, March 5th
● Deadline for accepted applicants to confirm participation: Friday, March 19th

QUESTIONS? Please contact <>.
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What motivates you personally about the divestment movement? What do you want to get out of a year of leadership development and training?
What are you hoping to get out of the fellowship? *
Please give a brief summary of your involvement with the fossil fuel divestment campaign, or any other climate or social justice efforts, on your campus. Make note of any roles you have had or specific skills you have used. *
What is your campaign/organization working on now? What stage is your campaign in and what have you done so far? *
Tell us how you became involved and personally invested in the work of climate justice. *
We see social justice and uprooting systems of anti-Blackness, white suppression, and other forms of oppression as integral to achieving climate justice. How do you see divestment relating to the broader social justice movement right now? *
Have you had any experience receiving trainings on social justice or campaign/movement organizing? *
If possible, please name the group that put it on and any other context you consider relevant.
What unique experiences or perspectives can you bring to the Fellowship? *
How do you plan to connect what you learn this summer back to your campus organizing? *
We encourage you to share ways your campus campaign will continue to be active this summer, what role you see yourself playing in your campaign, and your plans for bringing learnings back to your campaign in the fall.
What other commitments do you have for the summer, either pending or confirmed? *
Please note if you are intending to apply for an additional part-time job, internship, volunteering, classes, etc.
We are determined to accommodate students' needs for all aspects of the program. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, all fellowship programming will be conducted virtually through various digital forms. Specifically, we will often meet and hold trainings over Zoom, phone calls, and interactive video conference programs. Communication will primarily be held over email in the application review process, and then over Slack during the fellowship.

We are constantly learning and listening to how we can better improve the accessibility of meeting virtually. Divest Ed does have access to digital transcription programs like Rev and and have contacts for live ASL translators. Please do not hesitate to let us know what you need in order to fully participate as a fellow, and we will work together to find the solutions needed. Naming accessibility needs will not negatively impact the review of your application.

If you prefer to talk to us directly about specific concerns, email <>.
Are there any accessibility or space-related concerns that you want us to know about? *
Fellowship Stipend
Each fellow will receive a $3,500 stipend for participation in the fellowship. The stipend will be sent to fellows in the form of two payments - during the first week of programming, and midway through the 7-week fellowship.

If you have specific questions, feel free to email <>.
What form of payment do you prefer?
Stipends to all fellows will be dispersed in two payments: (1) first week, (2) midpoint of summer program.
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