Writing Pylint Plugins Workshop - registration
Pylint is the most popular Python source code analyzer which looks for programming errors, helps enforce a coding standard and sniffs for some code smells. It is possible to write plugins to add your own checks! This presentation/workshop will focus on understanding how the pylint plugin works, how to examine the AST tree of a piece of code and create a minimalistic plugin from scratch. It will also examine several plugins that are used by the Kiwi TCMS project.

You have to have installed and ready to use:

✔️Pylint > 2.0 (the last version of PyPI)
✔️It would be better if it’s installed with virtualenv
✔️Python 3.6
✔️Your favorite text editor or IDE
✔️Operating system by your own choice as long as all of the above things works well
✔️Alex suggests thinking beforehand about some interesting code snippets that you’d like us to try and identify with this plugin. Alex will present examples, however, this workshop is strictly individual.

❗ Note: The set-up in advance for this workshop is extremely important if you want to participate fully.

Duration: 3 hours

Max number of attendees: 10

More information here>> https://www.hackconf.bg/en/blog/hackconf-2018-workshops-announcement/
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